Who is Kai Caribbean Market


Ka'i Caribbean Market is a family-owned business with a deep connection to the Caribbean region. The name "Ka'i" symbolizes the family's roots as fishermen, and our commitment to sustainable practices and all-natural handcrafted products.

This incredible market is about sharing the unique flavors and spices of the Caribbean with the world. Our offerings are fresh and natural, so you'll feel like you're in Cancun, enjoying the Caribbean culture.

Ka'i Caribbean Market partners with other Mayan entrepreneurs from the Yucatan Peninsula to offer an even wider range of products, giving customers a true taste of the region. From authentic hot sauces, seafood and delicious snacks, everything in the market is carefully curated to ensure the highest quality.

Whether you're a foodie looking for something new and exciting, or just someone who appreciates natural, sustainable products, Ka'i Caribbean Market is the perfect place for you.