How to Know if your Fish is Fresh

by Carlos Chavez

Usually in the grocery stores we are told that fish is fresh and recently caught. Reality of the situation is that that product you are looking must have been frozen and defrost for display. The constant refreezing of the product will cause the fish to change texture and quality at the time of purchase. We do not even know how many times it has been frozen for instance we do not know when that fish was actually caught. In order to know how to choose the correct product. you will need to see how the fish looks like. Eyes, gills, mucous on the fish body. When a fish has gray or white gills it could mean that he fish have over 4 days of being caught think of it as the blood is no longer there the fish is still fresh and healthy. When the fish has flat eyes or its eyes are no longer round and shinny it means that the fish has been frozen and defrost for display. We do not really know how many times that has been done. If you are cooking a whole fish it will be okay to cook but if you are looking for fillet that fish is no longer good for filleting.  When the fish looks dry and it no longer has mucous on it. Avoid buying that fish since it will no longer be good to eat.